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    Healthcare Providers – Information for Resellers of ProgesterAll

    Dear ProgesterAll Reseller,

    On behalf of everyone at Hormones Etc., Inc. – the company that owns the Official Website of John Lee, M.D. ( and that owns and sells ProgesterAll, Dr. Lee’s brand of progesterone cream – thank you from our hearts for your support for us and for Dr. Lee over so many years. Ever since Dr. Lee’s death in 2003, your support has lifted our spirits and given us strength to carry on his work.

    As the company that has been making and selling ProgesterAll for more than 16 years, we must tell you with great regret that we have decided to withdraw ProgesterAll from the market. This decision is one that we never wanted to make, but it is one we are forced to make. We want you to know why we had to make it.

    Two years ago, we decided that we need to semi-retire. While we decided to continue to operate the Official Website of John Lee M.D. (, we knew that we could not also manage the ProgesterAll business at the same time. So for the last two years, we have been trying to sell ProgesterAll to another company that would keep it on the market for many years to come. Sadly, we were prevented from doing this for reasons that were beyond our control. That has left us with no choice but to withdraw ProgesterAll from the market.

    So you know, the Official Website of John Lee, M.D. at is still up and running, as we continue Dr. Lee’s work. This is the website where you can access all of Dr. Lee’s excellent research – including all of his books, audio/video products, and newsletters – as well as hormone test kits you can take at home. We are still here to serve you, your patients, and your clients, as we continue Dr. Lee’s work. We will be posting new and exciting content on this website in the coming months, so please come visit us soon at

    We know that the withdrawal of ProgesterAll may come as a shock to you. You are probably wondering what to tell your patients and clients, and you want to know if there is another bioidentical progesterone cream that you can offer to them.

    The good news is that there are multiple natural progesterone creams available for you to use with your patients and clients, and we can help you to buy them! If you are a healthcare provider located in the United States, please keep reading to learn about an excellent source for progesterone creams as well as thousands of other professional-grade nutritional supplements and natural health products, all at wholesale prices. If you are a healthcare provider located outside the United States, click here to learn about companies that ship progesterone creams to international addresses.

U.S. Healthcare Providers - How to Buy Multiple Progesterone Creams – and Do Much More! – With Fullscript

If you want an easy and powerful way to help your patients, Fullscript can help you. As a Fullscript account holder, you can buy multiple brands of progesterone cream at wholesale prices for resale to your patients. You can also place wholesale orders for more than 20,000 professional-grade nutritional supplements and other natural health products. What’s more, there is no minimum number of wholesale products you need to buy! This makes Fullscript a one-stop source for all of the products your patients need. That saves you time and money over placing multiple orders with multiple companies.

Fullscript also lets you create a private website for your patients where they can order the progesterone creams, supplements, and other health products that you recommend to them. So if you prefer not to stock products in your clinic, simply send your patients to your Fullscript shop to order them. When you do this, you can receive a commission of up to 35% of the retail MSRP prices for every product that your patients order. You can even monitor their compliance with your product recommendations! Fullscript will ship the packages right out to your patients and handle all of the customer service for every package.

Fullscript is a complete wellness platform that offers integrations with popular Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, patient refill reminders, customizable dosage instructions, a library of evidence-based protocols, and educational content for patients. It makes integrative medicine feel – well, integrated! – with your way of working and your evolving approach to wellness.

We are so impressed with Fullscript that we have joined forces with the company to help you and your patients take advantage of this powerful platform. To learn more about Fullscript and to set up an account, click on the image or click on the following website address.

Setting up a Fullscript account and creating a private website for your patients is absolutely free, so click on the image or the website address to learn more! And if you want to know which brands of progesterone cream we recommend that you sell to your patients from Fullscript, click here to see the cream brands we are featuring for our customers that ordered ProgesterAll directly from us.


Information for International Resellers of ProgesterAll

If you resell ProgesterAll to patients and customers outside the U.S., please know that we have been asking multiple companies to sell their progesterone creams to you at reasonable wholesale prices. Sadly, every company we have talked with has either stopped selling their products internationally because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, or will not sell their products to new international resellers at reasonable prices. This includes a company we used to recommend here on this page. We no longer recommend that company. They were not meeting our international resellers’ needs or working in good faith with us, so please do not give them your business.

If you want to offer good progesterone creams to your patients and customers, the one company we can recommend to you at this time is iHerb. Through its website located at, iHerb sells multiple progesterone cream brands and more than 30,000 other health and wellness products to people around the world with 16 languages, 86 currencies, and 38 payment options. It offers fast and inexpensive shipping, and even offers free shipping to more than 35 countries. We ourselves have become an iHerb partner, and we encourage you to use our partnership to serve your patients and customers.

Please click here to read our page that describes our offerings for international customers. This page announces our partnership with iHerb. It also provides a list of progesterone creams sold on that we recommend in the order that we recommend them. These creams are available to international buyers. We encourage you to share this page with your patients and customers, and have them click on the links to order our recommended progesterone creams.

We hope that in the future, we find at least one progesterone cream company that will sell their products directly to you, our valued resellers, at reasonable wholesale prices. If you find such a company, please write to tell us about it. We would be very interested in working with them!