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The Official Website of John R. Lee, M.D. – – is the leading source of information and services to help women and men achieve hormone balance and experience optimal health through safe, natural means. All of our information is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. John R. Lee, M.D., who dedicated his life to helping people overcome health issues related to hormone imbalances. His books have made millions aware that there are safe, natural alternatives to synthetic hormones and their disturbing side effects. 

We have many resources to help you. They include all of Dr. Lee’s books and audio and video recordings, his newsletters, and a free article library. We also offer hormone tests you can use to identify hormone imbalances in the privacy of your home. This includes saliva tests, which Dr. Lee highly recommended for testing all reproductive hormones. You can also visit The Product Shop to purchase our recommended progesterone creams plus more than 20,000 professional-grade nutritional supplements and other natural health products at a 20% discount from retail MSRP prices. Orders at The Product Shop must be shipped to a United States address. If you do not have a U.S. address, click here to learn about our ordering options for international customers.

We welcome you to stay in touch with us through our website and our free electronic newsletter, the Hormone Balance Hotline, that keeps readers informed of news and developments in hormone research and natural medicine. Click here to subscribe for free to the Hormone Balance Hotline.

As you can see, we are here to serve you. However, we need your financial support to continue Dr. John Lee’s work. Please visit us regularly at and The Product Shop, and place an order. Your purchase will help us stay on the Internet so we can keep sharing Dr. Lee’s incredible research. Thank you for your support! / Hormones Etc., Inc.
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