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Right up to the moment of his death in 2003, John R. Lee, M.D. dedicated his life to helping women and men overcome health issues related to hormone imbalances. His books have made millions aware that there are safe, natural alternatives to synthetic hormones and their disturbing side effects.

Our web site is dedicated to continuing Dr. Lee’s groundbreaking work. Our goal is to help both women and men achieve hormone balance and experience optimal health through safe, natural means. We offer educational materials, hormone test kits, and other products to help our customers achieve their health goals. We also publish an electronic newsletter, Hormone Balance Hotline, that keeps readers abreast of the latest developments in hormone research and natural medicine.

JohnLeeMD.com / Hormones Etc., Inc.
228 Windsor River Road, PMB 322
Windsor, CA  95492

email: info@johnleemd.com

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