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    Important News About ProgesterAll

    Dear ProgesterAll Customer,

    Thank you from our hearts for using ProgesterAll. For more than 16 years, your kind words about our product and Dr. John Lee’s work have been the biggest reason we come to work every day.

    As the company that makes and sells ProgesterAll worldwide, we are announcing with great sadness that we have withdrawn ProgesterAll from the market. To learn more about why we made this decision, just keep reading. If you are a U.S. resident, and you want to learn how you can keep buying high-quality progesterone creams from us at a 20% discount from retail MSRP prices, click here to learn more or just scroll down!

    This decision was not one that we wanted to make. Two years ago, we decided that we need to semi-retire. So for the last two years, we have been trying to sell ProgesterAll to another company that would keep it on the market for many years to come. Sadly, we were prevented from doing this for reasons that were beyond our control. That has left us with no choice but to withdraw ProgesterAll from the market.

    So you know, the Official Website of John Lee, M.D. at is still up and running, as we continue Dr. Lee’s work. This is the website where you can access all of Dr. Lee’s excellent research – including all of his books, audio/video products, and newsletters – as well as hormone test kits you can take at home. We will be posting new and exciting content on this website in the coming months, so be sure to keep visiting us!

Good News! You Can Still Buy Great Progesterone Creams from Us!

We know that the withdrawal of ProgesterAll may come as a shock to you, and you may wonder if there are other good progesterone creams that will help you keep your hormones in balance. The good news is that there are! And if you have a United States (U.S.) mailing address, you can buy them from our new Fullscript shop! Click on the links below or scroll down to learn more.


U.S. Mailing Addresses – Where and How to Buy Progesterone Creams
International Addresses – Where and How to Buy Progesterone Creams
Healthcare Providers – Information for Resellers of ProgesterAll

U.S. Mailing Addresses – Where and How to Buy Progesterone Creams

We have joined forces with Fullscript, a company that sells thousands of natural health products, to offer you multiple natural progesterone creams from companies that we and Dr. John Lee, M.D. knew and trusted. Our alliance with Fullscript lets you purchase these progesterone creams and more than 20,000 professional-grade nutritional supplements and other natural health products at a 20% discount from retail MSRP prices. All products are carefully selected by Fullscript to be of the highest quality.

Our President and CEO, Sally Kroon, is Dr. John Lee‘s protégé and successor. She has decades of experience as a California licensed healthcare provider, specializing in women’s health, acupuncture, herbs, and supplements. Because of her long-standing medical licensure, we are able to offer you this new discounted Fullscript platform. It is designed for doctors and healthcare providers and their patients and clients, so that you can buy excellent health supplements and products at discounted prices.

When you purchase natural progesterone creams and other supplements at our Fullscript shop, you will not just save money. You will also financially support the Official Website of John R. Lee, MD – – as it receives a small commission from each order. So please bookmark this website page and use it to place your orders for natural progesterone creams and other supplements.


How to Buy Progesterone Creams – And More! – From Our New Fullscript Shop – USA Only

To learn more about or buy any of the progesterone creams in our new Fullscript shop, scroll down to our list of creams below and click on the "View Product" button for the progesterone cream you want to see. To learn more about or buy any of the more than 20,000 other natural health products in our new Fullscript shop, click on the “Place Order” button.

You will be taken to a web page where you can register as a customer of our Fullscript shop. To enter the shop for the first time, please enter your email address and click on the “Submit” button. You will then be taken to a page where you will enter your first name, last name, and a password for your account. Once you have done this, click on the “Sign Up” button and you will be registered as a customer. If you have any problems signing up, you can call Fullscript toll free in the United States at (866) 807-3828.

An Important Note for International Customers with United States Shipping Addresses: When you order on our Fullscript shop, you must provide a United States shipping address where your order can be mailed. When you are asked for your billing address, do not enter your international address as your billing address. Instead, enter your United States shipping address as your billing address, even if your credit card is registered at an international address.

If you use an international credit card for your order, it may be declined. If that happens, your credit card provider may be automatically declining charges to your card from websites that are located outside of your country. This does not mean that you cannot order from our web shop. It means that you must call your credit card provider, tell them that you are placing an order on a website in the United States, and ask them to approve the charge to your credit card. Please wait until your credit card provider gives you an approval for the charge, then place your order again.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


International Customers – All products on our Fullscript website are only available for residents of the United States and for international customers that receive packages at U.S. addresses. If you need to order a progesterone cream for shipment to an international address, click here for more information.

Healthcare Providers that Sell ProgesterAll – If you have sold ProgesterAll to your patients and clients, click here to learn how you can keep serving them by selling high-quality progesterone creams that we recommend.


Progesterone Creams on Our USA Fullscript Shop – Click to Order!

Below is a list of progesterone creams that we feature in our Fullscript shop. To learn more about any of these creams or to order them, click on the “View Product” button for the cream. You will be taken to our Fullscript shop to view the product and order it if you wish.

Whenever you are in our Fullscript shop, you can see information for all of the progesterone creams we feature by going to the Menu bar, clicking on “Catalog”, then clicking on “The Product Shop Favorites”, then clicking on “Progesterone Creams”. You can also use the “Search” box at the top of the “Catalog” page to search for and buy over 20,000 professional-grade nutritional supplements and other natural health products.

IMPORTANT: Before you use any of these creams, please read Dr. Lee’s guidelines for using natural progesterone creams. The guidelines will help you to use these progesterone creams safely and effectively. Click here to read the guidelines, or scroll down this page past all of the progesterone cream products. You will find the guidelines at the end of the product listings.


Progesterone Creams That Have Only Progesterone as the Active Ingredient

Feminine Balance Therapy / Organic Excellence / 3.3 oz. pump

This Company states that: Progesterone Content: Each 1/4 teaspoon (1 pump) of cream provides 20 mg (milligrams) of natural, bio-identical USP Progesterone.

From the Product Shop: To get 20 mg of Progesterone, measure 1/4 teaspoon.

Natural Progeste Cream / Metabolic Maintenance / 3.5 oz. pump / 100 ml / ~ 90 pumps total

This Company states that: Progesterone Content: Each full pump dispenses about 1 gram of cream, providing 20 mg (milligrams) of natural, bio-identical USP Progesterone.

From the Product Shop: To get 20 mg of Progesterone in about 1 gram of cream, measure 1/4 teaspoon.

Progonol / Bezwecken / 2 oz. tube - with a pump/ 56 grams

This Company states that: Progesterone Content: About 40 mg (milligrams) per 1/2 teaspoon

From the Product Shop: To get 20 mg of Progesterone, measure 1/4 teaspoon. To get 40 mg of Progesterone, measure 1/2 teaspoon.

Pro-Gest paraben free / Emerita / 4 oz. tube and 2 oz. tube are offered

This Company states that: Progesterone Content: 20 mg (milligrams) of USP Progesterone per 1/4 teaspoon

From the Product Shop: Pro-Gest comes in both 2-ounce and 4-ounce tubes. The 4-ounce tube costs considerably less per ounce than the 2-ounce tube. To get 20 mg of Progesterone, measure 1/4 teaspoon.


Progesterone Creams That Contain Progesterone Plus Herbs, Oils, Phytoestrogens

Progesterone Cream with Lavender / Protocol for Life Balance / 3 oz. pump

This Company states that: Progesterone Content: 20 mg (milligrams) of Progesterone (USP) per pump with Herbs. Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile, Bergamot, Rosemary

From the Product Shop: To get 20 mg of Progesterone, measure 1/4 teaspoon. This product is highly scented with oils and herbs. Some people may prefer it while others may want to alternate it with an unscented progesterone cream.

Dr. Lee’s Guidelines for Using Natural Progesterone Creams

When it comes to using natural progesterone creams, most people have questions about how much cream to use, when to use it, and where to apply it. The instructions that come with progesterone creams often don’t answer those questions. Here are guidelines from John R. Lee, M.D., the world’s preeminent authority on natural progesterone, that we encourage you to consider using. We also encourage you to work with a healthcare provider who understands bioidentical hormones and can advise you as you seek to balance your hormones using natural means.

How Much Progesterone Cream to Use. Dr. Lee told his patients and readers to use enough cream to get a physiological dose of progesterone. A physiological dose is an amount of cream that will give your body about the same amount of progesterone that a healthy person’s body would normally make by itself.

  • Women who still have their periods normally make anywhere between 15 milligrams (mg) and 25 mg of progesterone per day during the luteal phase, the second half of the menstrual cycle. 20 to 25 mg is a popular daily dose of progesterone for women who still have their periods.
  • Women who are going or have gone through menopause often make a little less progesterone per day; 10 to 20 mg is a typical range. 10 to 15 mg is a popular daily dose of progesterone for menopausal women.
  • Men make the least progesterone at around 5 to 8 mg per day. 5 to 8 mg is a popular daily dose of progesterone for men.

Because we all vary in how much progesterone we normally produce, some people will feel better with a dose near the high ends of these ranges. Others will feel better with a dose near the low ends of these ranges.

People that apply more progesterone per day than physiological doses over extended periods of time may experience hormone imbalances and symptoms. The progesterone receptors on their cells may get oversaturated with progesterone and become insensitive to progesterone. That may cause hormone imbalance symptoms to return. When it comes to using a progesterone cream, more is not necessarily better! As Dr. Lee said, don’t create another hormone imbalance!

When to Apply the Cream. Dr. Lee provided careful instructions to both women and men. Please read the guidelines below that are appropriate for you. If you are a woman who has gone through menopause, use the guidelines for menopausal women.

• Guidelines for Women Who Still Have Their Periods / Premenopausal Women. If you have an average 26- to 30-day menstrual cycle, you can begin your first month of progesterone cream use between day 10 to 12 of your menstrual cycle, counting the first day of your period as day 1. Continue until a day or two before your expected period, which for most women is between 26 and 30 days. If your period starts before your chosen last day, stop using the cream and begin counting again to day 10, 11, or 12. The closer you can get to using the cream when you ovulate or just after, the more in tune with your own cycle you will be.

• Guidelines for Menopausal Women. The majority of menopausal women can simply apply progesterone cream for 24 to 26 days in a row of the calendar month. Then take a break from applying the progesterone cream for the last 5 to 6 days.

Guidelines for Men. Apply once per day, every day. Unlike women, men do not need to take breaks from applying progesterone. (Men who supplement at high dosage levels or supplement with multiple hormones may want to talk with their doctor about taking breaks from their hormone regimens to avoid cell receptor saturation.)

How to Apply Progesterone Creams. Gently massage the progesterone cream into areas of thinner skin where you blush such as the face, neck, upper chest, inner arms, and the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The optimal approach is to divide your daily dose into two portions. Apply the larger portion of your daily dose at bedtime and the smaller portion in the morning, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Progesterone is a calming hormone, so applying some at night can help restful sleep. If you prefer, it is OK to just pick one time of the day when it is most convenient to use it, and apply the whole dose. Rotate areas daily to avoid saturation. Apply the progesterone cream after a warm shower or bath, and not before it. When it is used on the face, let it soak in completely before applying makeup, and do not apply it on top of makeup.

We encourage you to learn more about using natural progesterone creams and other bioidentical hormones by reading Dr. Lee’s books. The books provide a wealth of information and research that can help you achieve hormone balance using lifestyle and exercise practices, healthy foods that support hormones, and safe, natural products. Click here to learn more about Dr. Lee’s books and to purchase them.

We also encourage you to consider testing your hormone levels from time to time. Hormone tests can help you determine whether your progesterone cream is enabling your body to maintain adequate progesterone levels. They can also measure many other important hormones. We offer a number of easy-to-take hormone tests on the Official Website of John Lee, M.D. Click here to learn more about our hormone tests and to purchase them.