Tap Water Testing Kits: The Do-It-Yourself Drinking Water Test Kit


Bacteria, lead, chlorine, pesticides, hardness, pH and nitrates/nitrites

WATERSAFE Drinking Water Test Kit

The All-In-One Do-It-Yourself Drinking Water Test

After testing many water test kits, this is the most accurate, simple and cost-effective one we’ve found. The Watersafe Drinking Water Test kit comes complete with all that you need to determine whether your water contains unsafe or undesirable levels of these common water pollutants: bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates/nitrites, chlorine, hardness and pH.

Test for these Contaminants in Your Water

Bacteria: Strains of E. Coli cause serious illness or death, especially in children.

Lead: This heavy metal causes developmental damage in children, as well as neurological and kidney damage in all ages.

Pesticides: They’re everywhere, and are linked to increased cancer rates, and are xenoestrogenic pollutants. This test is for atrazine and simazine, two of the most common pesticides used in the U.S.

Nitrates/nitrites: Come from fertilizers and animal waste. They can developmental problems in children.

Chlorine: By-products can increase cancer risk; it’s bad for your skin and eyes, and it makes your water taste and smell bad.

Hardness: Causes lime scale and higher detergent use.

pH: High acidity in your water can cause lead and other heavy metals to leach from pipes and water mains, and can also damage your plumbing.