2000 - John R. Lee, M.D. Medical Letter Back Issues

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2000 January

  • Deformed Molecules in Trans Fats
  • Why You Should Avoid Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
  • The Most Common Causes of Insomnia
  • How to Interpret Saliva Hormone Tests
  • Toxic Baby Bottles
  • Fertility Drugs and Cancer
  • Interview with Mary Enig, Ph.D. on fats, oils and your health.
  • More on Fertility and Progesterone
  • Low Progesterone Reading on a Saliva Test
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2000 February

  • My savvy readers find the truth about HRT.
  • HRT and Breast Cancer Risk: combination HRT increases the risk of breast cancer,
  • The difference between progesterone and progestins.
  • Do mammograms really save lives?
  • Reduce your stroke risk, enhance your immune system.
  • Why are migraines increasing among young women?
  • Pesticides decrease fertility in men.
  • Please go off drugs gradually.
  • Interview with David Zava, Ph.D. on patterns he sees in saliva hormone testing, including problems with estrogen creams, how high dose progesterone causes side effects, and how progesterone and estrogen work together in the cell.
  • Combine iron supplements with lactoferrin to combat nausea; eat high heme iron foods, and avoid iron-depleting foods.
  • Timing progesterone cream use to avoid irregular periods. And what is a "normal" length cycle anyway?
  • Trust your inutiion in medical matters, it's usually right on target.
  • Trust your inutiion in medical matters, it's usually right on target.
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2000 March

  • Use Discrimination with Internet Info
  • Let's Use Common Sense About Blood Pressure
  • When to Worry about Blood Pressure
  • Drugs that Can Raise Blood Pressure
  • Restoring Your Sense of Smell
  • Suffering from a Yeast Infection?
  • New Study from National Cancer Institute Shows Tamoxifen Usually Does More Harm than Good
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction: Conventional Medicine is Medicalizing Women's Sexuality to Sell Drugs
  • Progesterone make Bunnies Nest!
  • Are Tampons Dangerous?
  • A Hysterectomy for Irregular Periods?
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2000 April

  • The Hormone Revolution was Born in Mexico
  • Let’s Talk Prevention for Colon Cancer
  • Removing Ovarian Cysts does not Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Estrogen Still Doesn’t Help Alzheimer’s
  • Drugs and Supplements Affect Thyroid
  • FDA Banishes Propulsid and Rezulin
  • Interview with Formby and Wiley: Sleep, Survivin and Cancer
  • Lupron and Progesterone
  • A Profit-Minded Theory On Preventing Breast Cancer
  • Tubal Ligation and Hormone Levels
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2000 May

  • Why Americans are flocking to alternative health professionals
  • Urinary tract problems have many possible causes
  • Scorecard 2000: Dr. Lee vs. Conventional Medicine
  • Interview: Dr. Les Griffith on natural childbirth
  • Birth control pills and teens
  • Ovarian cysts and hormonal imbalance
  • Seeing the obvious with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis
  • St. John's wort and drug interactions: no need to over-react
  • Spices do the body good
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2000 June

  • Young Doctors Talk to Alternative Doctors
  • Tracking Down the Causes Behind Headaches: You’re the ultimate authority.
  • Estrogen Doubles Your Risk of Gallbladder Surgery and Appendicitis
  • Drugs in Your Water
  • Synthroid Topples Premarin as Top Prescription Drug
  • Breaking Out it a Rash? It could be the chemicals in your cosmetics.
  • Iron update: caffeine blocks iron uptake.
  • Experts in the Field: Dr. Robert Gottesman on how the way we talk affects our health.
  • Misguided docs don't understand basic biochemistry.
  • Essential fatty acids and hormone balance: fish is good for you.
  • A Lancet Article: Radiation for breast cancer does more harm than good.
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2000 July

  • The American Revolution and the Hormone Revolution: Parallels to learn from.
  • Are Breast Cancer Treatments Working? Recent studies show that mammography, radiation and tamoxifen aren’t saving lives.
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Tylenol and asthma, natural pest remedies, and good berries.
  • Experts in the Field: Dr. Joseph Mercola on Soy and Infants, with help from Enig and Fallon.
  • Letters from My Readers: Success stories and observations on osteoporosis, abnormal Pap smears and lowering cholesterol levels.
  • And There’s More: The FDA approves tamoxifen for DCIS: a cure that’s worse than the disease.
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2000 August

  • Going to the Doctor is Bad for Your Health: Even JAMA agrees!
  • Prostate Cancer and Men’s Hormones: Let’s Treat the Cause
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Norplant is more than birth control, dry eyes, don’t mix calcium and thyroid, and take multivitamins daily to prevent heart defects.
  • Experts in the Field: William Rea, M.D. on Environmental Illness and Chemical Overload
  • Letters from My Readers: Anorexia, infertility, and aspartame in diet sodas.
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2000 September

  • Why should we subsidize the drug companies through Medicare?
  • Stories from the Road: What women want to know, and what they have to say about progesterone and brain damage; weight gain and lumpy breasts; improved bone density; avoiding hysterectomies; clear Pap smears, and more...
  • Blood pressure drugs can cause senility
  • Sleeping Pills Cause the Most Fractures
  • Drugs that Interfere with Birth Control Pills
  • More Tips on Natural Pest Control
  • Are there Plants that Contain Progesterone?
  • Can I mix coumadin and progesterone?
  • Did Premarin cause my gallbladder disease?
  • Misleading Advertising about Evista and Bones
  • Progesterone Cures Painful Breasts
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2000 October

  • Dear Reader: Rumor and slander on the grapevine.
  • Your Liver: The Great Detoxifier
  • Dr. Lee’s Liver Protection Plan
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Autoimmune disease is a leading cause of death in women, and drugs that damage lungs.
  • Experts in the Field: Jose Russo, M.D. with cutting edge new research on breast cancer.
  • Letters from My Readers: Progesterone helps a mentally handicapped woman, protection for endometrial cancer.
  • And There’s More: The FDA has the fox in charge of the henhouse.
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2000 November

  • Dear Reader: Corrections and cringes about Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Update on Your Thyroid: Thyroid supplements are the most commonly prescribed drug in the U.S.
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Hysterectomy may not cure incontinence, Eating disorders may follow a cascade of nutritional deficiencies, Dangerous stimulant PPA should be pulled from the market, the Ritalin scandal, and more...
  • Experts in the Field: C. W. Randolph, M.D. on his clinical experience with natural hormones.
  • Letters from My Readers: Drug interactions with progesterone, progesterone and body fat, osteoporosis sleuthing, and more...
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2000 December

  • Dear Reader: Christmas is an antidote to the tyranny of machinery.
  • Tidbits for the Holidays: Health tips you can use in your everyday life: Avoid PCBs, Stay away from birth control pills, broccoli protects against cancer, some drugs block folic acid, and stress causes that middle-aged tummy.
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Dieting causes obesity, calcium deficiency leaches lead, pay attention to pelvic pain symptoms to catch ovarian cancer early, and more...
  • Experts in the Field: Garry Gordon, M.D. on C-reactive protein and heart disease.
  • Letters from My Readers: Premature menopause, hair loss, using estriol after breast cancer, and more...
  • And There’s More: It’s now official women listen better than men.
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