1998 - John R. Lee, M.D. Medical Letter Back Issues

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1998 April

  • Preventing and Treating Breast Cancer with Progesterone (Part I)
  • How Well is Progesterone Cream Absorbed?
  • Hormonal cycles and asthma
  • Caution on cholesterol drugs
  • Interview with Robert Gottesman, M.D. on symptoms of hormone imbalance
  • The Most Common Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance
  • Answers to questions from readers about headaches, sex drive and when to use estrogen
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1998 May

  • Preventing and Treating Breast Cancer with Progesterone (Part II)
  • The Tamoxifen Tangle
  • The Importance of Individual Uniqueness in Medicine
  • Interview with David Zava, Ph.D. on the Dark Side of soy
  • How to switch from PremPro and other forms of Premarin and Provera to
  • natural hormones
  • Progesterone and pregnancy
  • The new "designer" estrogens
Hard Copy - 1998 May $5.00
Text Version - 1998 May $5.00

1998 June

  • Hang Onto Your Ovaries if You Can
  • Ovarian Cancer and its Causes
  • A Highly Accurate Test for Cancer
  • Dr. Lee's Basic Breast Cancer Prevention Program
  • Progesterone goes Mainstream
  • How Diuretics can Harm You
  • Interview with Jesse Hanley, M.D. on Hormone Balance and Herbs
  • What Dose of Estrogen Should You Take?
  • Progesterone and Nursing
  • Is Androstenedione for You?
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1998 July

  • Cholestin and the FDA
  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Cholesterol
  • Throw Away Your Fosamax: Here's Why
  • Caution on Spermicides
  • Don't Get Liver Damage from Acetaminophen
  • How to Avoid Being a Drug Company Guinea Pig
  • Interview with James Kwako, M.D. on recognizing and treating tired adrenals
  • Treating endometriosis
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1998 August

  • There's a lot more than pregnant mare's estrogen in Premarin
  • Women's Heart Attacks, Heart Disease and Hormones
  • Does Provera Cause Heart Attacks?
  • Practical Ways to Prevent Heart Disease
  • Ibuprofen can cause chronic stomach upset
  • The morning after pill
  • Avoid this new oral diabetes drug
  • Interview with Kent Hermsmeyer, Ph.D. on heart disease and hormones
  • Does progesterone reduce cholesterol levels?
  • Progesterone and the prostate
  • More on progesterone and tamoxifen
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1998 September

  • Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant
  • Why Pregnancy May Be Inconceivable
  • A New Progestin Patch
  • Warning About a Deadly Drug
  • Lies About Pesticides
  • A Secret to Longevity
  • Interview with Carolyn DeMarco, M.D. on natural treatments for fibroids and heavy bleeding.
  • How Sarah almost lost her uterus
  • A large study showing no heart benefit from HRT
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1998 October

  • Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatments
  • Improving Bone Health without Drugs
  • What Your Doctor May Not Know About Bone Density Measurement
  • Bone Collagen and Fluoride
  • The Disadvantage of Advantage for flea control
  • Top Prescribed Drugs in the U.S.
  • Progesterone and Senility
  • European Tamoxifen Studies
  • New study showing progesterone's beneficial effect on breast tissue.
  • More on Soy
  • Progesterone Questions
  • Dry Eyes and Progesterone
  • Estrogen and Progesterone-positive Receptors on Tumors
  • Hormones for Premenopausal Women with Complete hysterectomy
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1998 November

  • The Estrogen Question: Guidelines for supplementing safely and effectively
  • Which Estrogen to Use and How Much
  • Low Dose Birth Control Pills: Really Safe?
  • Formby and Wiley Publish
  • Progestins, Progesterone and Endometrial Cancer
  • Interview with Helene Leonetti, M.D. on the first FDA-approved study of
  • natural progesterone cream
  • The Estraderm patch
  • Fibroids and RU486
Hard Copy - 1998 November $5.00
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1998 December

  • A Mystery Solved! It wasn't about medical research it was about product promotion.
  • Stories from my Clinical Practice
  • A Pop Quiz: What's Your Hormone IQ?
  • Take Plastic Instead of Premarin?
  • Another Cousin of Fosamax
  • A New Study Showing Dangers of Fosamax
  • Interview with Phillip Incao, M.D. on a new attitude toward fevers in children.
  • PMS in Teen Girls
  • Acne and Oily Skin
  • Alzheimer's and Estrogen
  • Ovarian Cancer and Birth Control Pills
  • New Book on Premenopause: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About
  • Premenopause: Balance Your Life and Your Hormones from Thirty to Fifty.
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