John R. Lee M.D.'s Commonsense Guide to a Healthy Heart


by John R. Lee M.D.

In this booklet, Dr. Lee talks about how heart disease in women is different, and explains why your diet does not necessarily affect your cholesterol level, why cholesterol drugs often don't reduce the risk of heart disease, why you might not want to put too much weight on blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, and gives much down-to-earth advice on how to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Hormones Etc 1999 (32 pages)


THE CHOLESTEROL HYPOTHESIS: Still no proof that cholesterol kills.

The history of the cholesterol hypothesis.
Still, no proof that cholesterol kills.
What is cholesterol?
Good and Bad cholesterol
The advent of cholesterol-lowering drugs
Only half of heart attacks are caused by blocked arteries

PIECING TOGETHER THE HEART DISEASE PUZZLE: Other factors influencing cardiovascular disease risk.

The homocysteine factor
The antioxidant factor
The fish oil factor
The omega-6 fatty acid factor
The prostaglandin factor
The insulin factor
The sugar factor
The milk factor
The magnesium factor
The alcohol factor
The fiber factor
The cell damage factor
The free radical factor
The stress factor
The high blood pressure (hypertension) factor
The exercise factor
The Dean Ornish factor
The vasospasm factor
The genetic factor
Summing up the factors that influence heart disease risk

THE HORMONE FACTOR: You need natural hormones in the right amounts for true protection

The Harvard Nursesí Questionnaire Study
Evidence piles up against the use of HRT to prevent heart disease
The coronary artery spasm hypothesis
Use real progesterone
Men, hormones and heart disease

A SIMPLE PLAN: Preventing and Healing Heart Disease

Basic guidelines for a healthy heart
Good nutrition
Bad nutrition
Nutritional supplements to support your heart
Stress reduction
Monitor blood pressure
Prostaglandin balance
Hormone balance