Your Most Fertile Time of the Ovulation Cycle (Ovulation Predictor)

Fertile-Focus™ offers:

With the Fertile-Focus ovulation microscope, determining your most fertile time of month is just a focus away. No more expensive, messy urine ovulation tests and no more guesswork - even for women with irregular cycles. Fertile Focus is a 100% safe, natural, and accurate aid to conception - and is the most affordable saliva fertility monitor available.

All-natural, hygienic, and effortless to use, Fertile-Focus is also backed by research. For women who are trying to conceive, Fertile-Focus is 98% accurate in aiding the prediction of fertile periods. The accuracy claim is based on testing methodology (research on the saliva microscope testing method of ovulation prediction).

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Fertile-Focus, Fertility Detector Price: $29.95
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