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2003 January
Hard Copy - 2003 January $5.00
Text Version - 2003 January $5.00
  • Looking back at 2002: Birth control patch; new research showing that progesterone cream protects the uterus; vindications and ripples from the Women's Health Initiative Study, predictions, and a wish for a real study on progesterone and bone loss.
  • An Open Letter to the Women of Marin County: The breast cancer bogeyman isn’t there. Estrogen dominance cuased by conventional HRT is the key.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Prozac for kids, statin lowers LDL but not the death rate, C-reactive protein predicts some strokes, more on insulin and PCOS.
  • Experts in the Field: Dr. Dean Raffelock on postpartum depression, the baby blues, and why it doesn't work to use SSRIs for treatment.
  • Letters: The biochemistry of pregnenolone, why high progesterone in a saliva test, chemo and infertility.
2003 February
Hard Copy - 2003 February $5.00
Text Version - 2003 February $5.00
  • You have the answers.
  • Are You Allergic to Fake Fragrances? Just because it smells good doesn't mean it's good for you.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Take your vitamin zzz ‘s; vitamin E foods for Alzheimer’s; mother's exposure to POPs associated with testicular cancer.
  • Experts in the Field: Robert J. Rowen, M.D. on an herb extract that kills cancer cells.
  • Letters: Saliva tests and Medicare; which hormone is the "happy pill"?; will phytoestrogens block xenoestrogens?
  • And There’s More… An overactive p53 gene may accelerate aging.
2003 March
Text Version - 2003 March $5.00
  • Managing stress for better health.
  • Nutritional Support for the Adrenal Glands.
  • Stress, Fatigue and Cortisol: Use your extra energy to relax!
  • A Springtime Reminder about Cleaning Products and Pesticides.
  • Electromagnetic fields and pregnancy.
  • Picking your salmon to maximize benefit.
  • David Zava Ph.D. on thyroid, cortisol and aging.
  • Kudos on improved health and healthy grandchildren, abdominal fat and more...
  • A French study demonstrates that it's the type of HRT that counts.
2003 April
Hard Copy - 2003 April $5.00
Text Version - 2003 April $5.00
  • The Princess of Premature Births
  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premature Birth: An ounce of prevention can add pounds to potential preemies.
  • Premature Birth and Progesterone
  • The Perils of Eclampsia: There’s danger in the disease, and danger in pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Lobular Breast Cancer Rates Skyrocketing
  • Eating Meat and Eggs Does not Increase Breast Cancer Risk
  • HRT Does not Improve Quality of Life in Women Without Menopausal Symptoms
  • Marijuana Use in Pregnancy May Harm the Brain
  • Atkins is Vindicated
  • Some Migraines May be Caused by Wheat
  • Experts in the Field: Dr. Dean Raffelock on fats, oils and postpartum health.
  • Breastfeeding and progesterone use.
  • BRCA and hormone replacement.
2003 May
Hard Copy - 2003 May $5.00
Text Version - 2003 May $5.00
  • Dear Reader: Stories from the road.
  • What Women Want to Know: Answers to some questions I get at talks.
  • Absorption of Transdermal Progesterone: An excellent new study settles the argument.
  • What's the Right Dose of Estrogen? A little goes a long, long way.
  • Hopkins Health Watch: Two more reasons to take magnesium; Brain chemicals--to tweak or not to tweak; oral contraceptives increase risk of cervical cancer;
  • Experts in the Field: The FDA is on the move--how you can take action to protect your nutritional supplements.
  • Letters: Does Forteo build bone, prostate cancer, progesterone and birth control pills, and more on electromagnetic radiation.
2003 June
Hard Copy - 2003 June $5.00
Text Version - 2003 June $5.00
  • Dear Reader: Censored on PBS radio.
  • New Insights on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is Ciguatera Toxin a Cause of CFS?
  • Take Travel Precautions: Pack common sense before you walk out the door and take along some extra health insurance in the form of supplements.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: An ironic twist to the autism debate; antioxidants improve vision in macular degeneration; later menopause, longer life?
  • Experts in the Field: Jill McLaughlin on Understanding Chronic Fatigue.
  • Letters: Does progesterone convert to estrogen; will natural hormones start up periods again; more on weaning off HRT.
2003 July-August
Hard Copy - 2003 July-August $5.00
Text Version - 2003 July-August $5.00
  • Dear Reader: A long overdue ban on soda pop.
  • This Is Your Brain on Hormones: Does estrogen prevent Alzheimer's? Whether hormones help or hurt your brain depends on the type and the dose.
  • The Fundamentals of Optimal Brain Health: Hormones, nutrients and avoiding toxins.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Dilantin decreases estrogen, grapefruit juice increases hormone levels, HRT increases breast density.
  • Experts in the Field: Fluoridation Update
  • Coral Calcium: Help or hype?
  • Letters: MSM in cream causes rash, can I switch from Premarin to black cohosh?, histamine and hormones.
2003 September
Hard Copy - 2003 September $5.00
Text Version - 2003 September $5.00
  • Hormones in dog food may be a good thing.
  • The Death of Conventional HRT: Where do we go from here? Three rules for using bioidentical hormones.
  • The Million Women Study: New Insights on Breast Cancer and HRT
  • Why you should get some sunshine without sunblock.
  • Building an unprocessed food pyramid.
  • Experts in the Field: Alfred Plechner DVM on Pets’ Hormonal Imbalance
  • Cyclical epilepsy fades with progesterone use.
  • Advice on fibroids.
2003 October
Hard Copy - 2003 October $5.00
Text Version - 2003 October $5.00
  • Marin County redux on Cape Cod: The high breast cancer rates in these communities are probably caused primarily by HRT, not toxins.
  • A Contraceptive that Stops Menstruation: Will Seasonale be harmful or helpful?
  • What the Research on Contraceptive Hormones Says about Safety and Side Effects
  • Is the Pregnant Brain Really More Forgetful and Inattentive?
  • Seizure Medication and How it Affects Your Ovaries
  • FDA Sends Warning on Star Anise Tea
  • Teens May Get More Addicited to Nicotine
  • Study Shows High Levels of Toxins in Cape Cod Homes: Is this what's causing the high breast cancer rates there?
  • Five Things You Can Do to Avoid Toxins in Your Home
  • Progesterone May Help Reduce Hair Loss in Men
  • Managing Premenstrual Migraines
  • Tweaking the Data to Make Estrogen Seem Safe
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