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Trying to Conceive?
"Fertile-Focus is the first affordable, high-quality saliva ovulation microscope for the trying-to-conceive community."
- Amos Grunebaum, MD

Completely Satisfied!
I have been using Fertile-Focus every day and I find it very easy to read. I use it every morning, first thing, so I can compare my saliva and notice the change in pattern when I ovulate. I am over 41, have 2 kids and am a newlywed and anxious to give my husband his first child. My biological clock is ticking so I don't have time to waste. That's why I tried the Fertile-Focus and am very satisfied with how easy it is to detect ovulation. Now I'm just waiting and keeping my fingers crossed! - Kimberly, over 41 from PA

You will know when you see it!
I was kind of skeptical at first. I never saw much the first few days I used the Fertile-Focus! However, I can attest that it DOES WORK LIKE IT SAYS! Today I tested and it was diffinetely a "fern pattern"! I am highly impressed with this little predictor! I have a 2 1/2 year old and am 42 years old. I need all the help I can get to have another child ASAP! I Would recommend the Fertile-Focus to anyone needing to predict their ovulation! AAAA++++ product! - Julie, Mother of 1-hopefully 2 soon! from Riverside, California

Wonderful Product
I was extrIely pleased. It worked just as described. Became pregnant on the first try. Effective and inexpensive!! - Soon to be mom from Alabama

Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
What I found by using this product was that my ovulation cycle was off from the "norm" by a week.. I was ovulating a week earlier than most people. After tracting this every morning--which was better than doing the tIp thing--I figured it out.. So the day before my appointment with the Fertility Doctor I found out I was already pregnant. The set up is a little used to getting used to but after you get the hang of it.. it is a snap! Thanks!! I will be expecting in DecIber! - T.B.

Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
I bought this product and love it!! It is very easy to use and it is small enough to carry in your pocket. It looks just like a tube of lipstick. The ferning patterns are very easy to identify. I would definitely recommend the fertile focus.- T.B.

I was trying to get pregnant with my second child. After a few months of trying we decided to try the Fertile Focus. It was easy to read and I tested everyday. I am now pregnant and after the first month I used it! Wow! Inexpensive and it worked. 5 stars! - Kathy, mother 1 1/2 from Dallas Metroplex, Texas

Great Product
I found this product easy and fun to use. It was very obvious when I was "ferning". I am now 4 weeks pregnant. It worked on the first try! - Alicia, future mommy from York, PA

Totally Excited!!!
I, like another customer reviewed this product and bought it a few days after my period. I was not expecting to ovulate so soon. It was showing the fern pattern 4 days before I expected it to. I have been ttc for one month now and will be greatly overjoyed if this product has worked in this short of time. I love it b/c it is soo easy to use if you follow the instructions. The best time to test is in the morning before you eat or drink anything like it says. Good luck to everyone else out there ttc!!!! - Excited and new at ttc!!

Great Buy!
I purchased this at the beginning of my cycle and am now 5 weeks pregnant! This product was easy to use. I was able to chart my fertility with the chart included, and found that I ovulate around day 10 in a 28 day cycle. Never would have known this without this inexpensive product. I found it easy to read and clearly saw the ferning at ovulation. Highly recommend! Became pregnant within the first cycle used! - Sariah, soon to be mother of 2 from WA

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