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2002 January
Hard Copy - 2002 January $5.00
Text Version - 2002 January $5.00
  • Dear Reader: The death of routine mammograms.
  • Gallbladder Disease and Bile Flow: Difficult to treat but easy to prevent.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Sonograms may not be safe for baby, L-carnitine for blood flow, and pass on the antibacterial soap.
  • Experts in the Field: Virginia Hopkins on how your body processes drugs.
  • Letters: Return of estrogen dominance symptoms while on progesterone, hair loss, fibrocystic breast disease and progesterone.
  • And There’s More: …. Just a whiff of aspirin.
2002 February
Hard Copy - 2002 February $5.00
Text Version - 2002 February $5.00
  • More problems with tamoxifen.
  • The Prostate and Hormones: Understanding the causes helps solve the problem.
  • An apple a day does keep the doctor away.
  • Folic acid and Parkinson's.
  • HRT increases stroke risk.
  • Diet affects asthma.
  • Jim Bishoff, M.D. on boosting natural killer cells for optimal health.
  • How exercise affects hormones.
  • Are women’s bodies flawed?
  • Progesterone and reflux.
2002 March
Hard Copy - 2002 March $5.00
Text Version - 2002 March $5.00
  • It's "TIME" to talk about prevention of breast cancer.
  • Homocysteine and Alzheimer's
  • NSAIDs and Heart Disease
  • Hormone Replacement Does Raise Insulin
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid and Alzheimer's
  • Fluoride and Soldiers
  • Women Tend and Befriend Under Stress
  • Aaron Kaufman, D.O. on treating fatigue
  • Progesterone Save Ovaries
  • Estrogen for Vaginal Dryness
  • Progesterone Ring Gives Overdose
2002 April
Hard Copy - 2002 April $5.00
Text Version - 2002 April $5.00
  • The golden thread of trust and the corruption caused by secrecy.
  • The Progesterone Saga Continues: Thoughtful insights from a family doctor.
  • Selenium as an anti-viral.
  • Kava and liver injury.
  • Depo Provera causes bone loss in adolescents.
  • The Science of Deceit by Burton Goldberg.
  • Why douching is not recommended.
  • Confusion about calcium doses.
  • Migraines gone but hot flashes are back -- what to do?
2002 May
Hard Copy - 2002 May $5.00
Text Version - 2002 May $5.00
  • Xylitol looks good even after decades on the market
  • Letter to a Patient: Why it’s important to understand what drugs and supplements you’re taking
  • More about kava
  • Acrylymide in french fries
  • Is sucralose safe?
  • Ward Dean, M.D. on xylitol and osteoporosis
  • Clinically proven effects of xylitol
  • Finding a doctor in your area
  • A miraculous pregnancy
  • NIH study shows HRT carries significant risks and minimal benefits
2002 June
Hard Copy - 2002 June $5.00
Text Version - 2002 June $5.00
  • Kids and Nutrition: Debunking the myths and marketing and using common sense
  • Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat their Veggies
  • Helping undernourished kids: The Healthy Foundation
  • Men, sex and nutrition
  • Careful of clot busters
  • Progesterone and brain injury in humans
  • Seaweed is good food
  • Gill Sanson on the commercialization of osteoporosis
  • Where to find xylitol
  • Progesterone vs. wild yam extract
  • Complications with progesterone?
2002 July
Hard Copy - 2002 July $5.00
Text Version - 2002 July $5.00
  • Dear Reader: The truth about conventional HRT finally wins out. Getting Off of HRT and Onto Natural Hormones: Questions and Answers
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Health benefits of watermelon, botox cautions, rhubarb protects against cholera, sun protection in your diet, and more...
  • Experts in the Field: C.W. Randolph, M.D. on using natural hormones in medical practice.
  • Letters: Heavy bleeding, progesterone and liver enzymes, prescription for saliva tests.
2002 August
Hard Copy - 2002 August $5.00
Text Version - 2002 August $5.00
  • Dear Reader: Colonoscopies and other matters.
  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Iron: An essential mineral to keep in balance.
  • The Hopkins Health Watch: Ephedra under the gun, prostate and diet, DPMA depletes bones significantly, radiation for breast cancer may correlate with later lung cancer.
  • Experts in the Field: Dr. David Zava on the breast cancer profile in saliva hormone testing.
  • Letters: Obesity in a child, fertility question, and how to add estrogen to progesterone.
2002 September-October
Hard Copy - 2002 September-October $5.00
Text Version - 2002 September-October $5.00
  • A misguided vaccination program.
  • The Smallpox Vaccination: What your doctor may not tell you.
  • FDA warnings on Tylenol.
  • Why are Americans being charged higher drug prices?
  • LA to ban soda machines in schools.
  • Beware of health fads.
  • Bladder and uterus prolapse.
  • Creams that don't work.
  • A mammogram study that should end the debate once and for all.
2002 November
Hard Copy - 2002 November $5.00
Text Version - 2002 November $5.00
  • Statistical sleight-of-hand with HRT research.
  • Fertility, Miscarriage and Hormone Balance:
    Questions and answers about getting pregnant and staying pregnant.
  • Reminder about cold and flu season.
  • Fertility and weed killers.
  • Red clover extract for menopause symptoms.
  • Pesticides and childhood leukemia.
  • Magnesium for migraines.
  • Dr. Harold J. Kristal on Metabolic Typing.
  • Do breast enhancers really work?
  • Aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer.
  • Glucosamine and diabetes.
2002 December
Hard Copy - 2002 December $5.00
Text Version - 2002 December $5.00
  • Eating Styles Affect Energy.
  • Prescription Drugs that can Cause High Blood Sugar
  • Food, Fat, Fatigue and Insulin: Make your calories work for you instead of against you.
  • Fibroid Removal and Pregnancy
  • More Benefits of Folic Acid
  • Weight Loss Improves Incontinence
  • How Much Mercury is Too Much?
  • Experts in the Field: Bill Sardi on the anti-cancer properties of vitamin D.
  • Hair Loss and Hormones
  • Lipoprotein (a) and Nutrients
  • Breast Cancer in Marin County: It’s the estrogen stupid!
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