References: Multiple Topics Related to Progesteron / Progesterone

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References for: Women and Heart Disease, Hermsmeyer Interview, Ovarian Cancer, Topical Progesterone, Blood and Saliva Testing, Breast Cancer and Progesterone (Part I), Breast Cancer and Progesterone (Part II), Zava Interview on the Dark Side of Soy

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References on Topical Progesterone, Blood and Saliva Testing

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Breast Cancer and Progesterone (Part I)

(For those who wish to acquire an overview of the apoptosis matter that will be covered in the next issue, I recommend reading the article "To Die or Not to Die" in the January 28, 1998, issue of the JAMA.) (References are listed in order of mention in article.)

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References for Zava Interview on the Dark Side of Soy

(These references appear in the approximate order they were referred to in the interview.)

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References for: Bone Density/Osteoporosis, Tamoxifen Studies, Estrogen Supplementation, The Prostate and Hormones, Zava Interview on Teens and Hormones, and Fluoride

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