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March 1998 through October 2003
Note : Entries in boldface type indicate main stories

jaundice Jan02 p2
jaw Jun00 p2
jet lag Apr99 p4; Dec01 p6
joint health Sep99 p5

Kaufman, Aaron B. Mar02 p5–6
kava Apr02 p4; May02 p4
Kegel exercises May00 p2
ketoprofen Aug98 p4
kidney function Jan02 p5
Krebs cycle Sep99 p6
Kristal, Harold J. Nov02 p5–6
Kwako, James M.D. Jul98 p5
kynurenine Jan03 p5

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L-dopa Apr99 p4
labels Feb03 p3

hormonal changes Dec01 p3
licorice (candy) Jul01 p4
preterm and progesterone Dec01 p2–3
progesterone receptors Dec01 p3

labor pains May00 p6
lactoferrin Feb00 p7
lactose intolerance Aug99 p4
LDL oxidation Apr98 p4; Jul98 p2

brain damage Mar01 p3
calcium Dec00 p4
fluoridation Jul-Aug03 p6
tooth decay Aug99 p4

learning disabilities May99 p2
left-handedness Jan02 p4
Leonetti, Helene Nov98 p5
leptin Feb03 p4
leukemia Nov02 p4

decrease due to estrogen dominance
Apr98 p6
after hysterectomy Feb01 p5
medical hijacking of Mar00 p6
ovarian removal Jun98 p2
ovarian role Jun98 p1
progesterone use Jun01 p6
statin use Jul98 p3
testosterone Apr98 p7

lichen sclerosus May99 p7
licorice (candy) Jul01 p4
licorice root Jun98 p6
ligaments May00 p2
lipid profile May00 p4
lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)] Dec02 p7
lipoproteins Apr01 p5
listening Jun00 p5–6; Dec00 p8
liver Oct00 p2–3
liver damage Apr98 p4; Aug98 p4
liver function

acetaminophen Sep-Oct02 p4
drug clearance Jan02 p5,6
hormone balance Sep99 p5–6
hormone clearance Apr99 p2
kava Apr02 p4; May02 p4
progesterone Jul02 p7

lobules Oct00 p5
longevity Jun03 p4
Lord, Robin Oct03 p5–6
Lotronex Jul01 p1–2
lovastatin Jul98 p1
low-fat foods Jun02 p2
lung damage Oct00 p4
Lupron Apr00 p7; May03 p7
luteal phase Mar99 p5
luteal phase failure Aug02 p7; Nov02 p2
lutein Jun99 p6
luteinizing hormone (LH) Jun98 p5
lycopene Mar99 p4; Jul02 p4
lymph glands Nov99 p7
lyprinol Nov01 p6

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macrophages May98 p2
macular degeneration Jun99 p5; Jun03 p4

blood pressure regulation Mar00 p2
bone health May99 p6
calcium balance Apr99 p3; Apr02 p7
clinical test interpretation Apr01 p6
deficiency (headache cause) Apr98 p7
diuretics (cautions) Jun98 p4
health benefits May03 p4
heart disease prevention Aug98 p3
heart health May02 p3
heartbeat regulation Feb01 p7
liver function Sep99 p6
migraines Nov02 p4
potassium balance Apr99 p3
sperm count Jun02 p4

magnesium sulfate Apr03 p2–3
malaria Feb03 p5
mammograms Jan03 p1

benefits questioned Feb00 p3, 8
controversy Jul00 p1–3; Jan02 p1–2
debunked Sep-Oct02 p8
ineffectiveness study May99 p4
menstrual cycle timing Apr99 p5
and self-examination Jan01 p7

manganese Nov01 p6
mannitol Jun03 p2
margarine Jun01 p4
marijuana Apr03 p4
Marin County, CA Dec02 p7; Jan03 p2–3,8
Marker, Russell E. Apr00 p1, 8
marketing claims Sep99 p7
masculinization Jul99 p3
mattresses, in cribs Jan01 p5–6
McLaughlin, Jill Jun03 p5–6

breast cancer non-risk Apr03 p3
children Jun02 p2
estrogen-containing Jun98 p6
hormone-free source Oct99 p4

media May00 p4
medical studies Jan03 p1; Jan03 p2
meditation Jul-Aug03 p4
medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) Aug02 p4
medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera) Aug98 p2

breast cancer suppression Dec01 p8
cortisol levels Mar03 p6
health benefits Dec01 p5–6
jet lag treatment Apr99 p4

menopause symptom relief Feb01 p7

ovarian function Dec01 p2
safety of Dec01 p5
sleep aid Jan00 p3

memory loss Apr98 p6; Jul98 p3
menopause. see also specific symptoms such as hot flashes ; insomnia

age at, and longevity Jun03 p4
heart disease risk factor Aug98 p2
herbal symptom relief Jun98 p6
hormone production Nov98 p1; Sep03 p2
premature Dec00 p7
progesterone for symptom relief Nov98 p7
soy for symptom relief (cautions)
May98 p5
surgically induced Apr98 p6
symptom relief Feb99 p7

menstrual bleeding Mar00 p7
menstrual cycles

asthma Jun01 p7
birth control pills May00 p7
breast cancer Apr00 p7
breast cancer surgery timing Apr98 p2; May98 p3
eating disorders Aug00 p7
heavy bleeding Oct99 p5
hormone changes Jul99 p2
iron loss Aug02 p2
irregularity Sep99 p7; Sep-Oct01 p7
length regulation Apr99 p6
length variation Apr98 p6
need for Oct03 p1–2
optimal hormone testing time Jan00 p8
pain relief Aug98 p4
progesterone Feb00 p7
prolactin production Oct99 p7
regulation Jul02 p7
skin health Dec98 p7
temperature for tracking Mar99 p5

Mercola, Joseph Jul00 p5–6

autism Jun03 p4
brain damage Mar01 p3
toxic levels Dec02 p4
vaccine preservative Dec99 p4

metabolic rate Mar99 p2
metabolic typing Nov02 p5–6

androgens Aug01 p5–6
estrogen transformation Aug99 p5
hormone clearance Apr99 p2
liver function Sep99 p5
prescription drugs Jan02 p5–6
thyroid regulation Nov00 p2

metastasis May98 p3; Aug02 p6
methionine Mar02 p1
Mevacor Jul98 p1

gluten sensitivity Apr03 p4
hormonal cause Feb00 p4
magnesium Nov02 p4
progesterone Oct03 p7
treatment Jun00 p3


bacterial infection Jun01 p4
children's needs Jun02 p2
growth hormone risk Jan01 p4
hormone contamination Dec99 p7
iron absorption Feb00 p7; Aug02 p2
osteoporosis Jun02 p6
ovarian cancer risk factor Aug99 p4

Million Women Study Sep03 p1–2
mind-body medicine Jun00 p5
mineral balance May99 p6; Mar00 p3
mineral deficiencies Jul00 p6
minerals. see also specific minerals such as fluoride, magnesium

absorption May98 p5
balance Apr99 p3
deficiency due to Fosamax usage Jul98 p3
deficiency from soy consumption Dec99 p3
diuretics (cautions) Jun98 p4
liver function Sep99 p6


electromagnetic radiation Mar03 p4
estrogen dominance symptom Apr98 p6
insulin resistance Nov02 p3,8
luteal phase Mar99 p5
prevention program Sep98 p1
progesterone cessation May98 p7
toxicity Nov02 p3
xenohormone exposure Jun99 p3

mistletoe Dec99 p1–2
mitochondria Oct00 p3
molybdenum Sep99 p6
mood Apr98 p6
morning sickness May00 p6
morphine Dec02 p3
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

allergy to Jul-Aug03 p7
arthritis pain relief Nov01 p6
liver function Sep99 p6

multiple sclerosis Feb99 p7; Dec99 p5–6
multivitamins, children's Jun02 p2,3
myalgic encephalomyelitis. see chronic fatigue syndrome

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nail polish Oct03 p6
natural childbirth May00 p5–6
natural killer cells Feb02 p5–6
nettle (Urtica dioica) Nov01 p5–6; Feb02 p3
neurotoxins Oct98 p4
neurotransmitters Feb00 p6; Jan03 p5
news Jun99 p1–2
nicotine Dec02 p3; Oct03 p4
nightshade plants Nov01 p6
nipples Jun99 p7
Nolvadex. see tamoxifen
nonylphenols Jun99 p3
norepinephrine Jan03 p5
Norplant Aug00 p4

celecoxib (cautions) Sep99 p4
folic acid interference Jan01 p4
heart effects Mar02 p2

natural alternatives Nov01 p5–6
nursing. see breastfeeding
nutrient deficiencies Nov00 p4; Aug02 p1–2
nutrient depletion Jul01 p5–6
nutrients. see also specific nutrients such as coenzyme Q10; vitamin E

individual needs May98 p4


for children Jun02 p1–3,8
ovulation promotion Jul99 p3

nutrition information Sep03 p4
nutritional supplements May03 p5–6; Jun03 p3,8

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bisphenol A Jan00 p4
dietary habits Dec02 p1
estrogen levels Aug00 p3
fibroids Dec99 p4
hypertension cause Mar00 p3
prior dieting Dec00 p4
and sleep Apr00 p5

oophorectomy. see ovaries
Oprah request Apr01 p3
oral contraceptives. see birth control pills
orange juice Jul02 p4
organic foods Sep99 p4
organic gardening Apr01 p4
orthostatic hypotension Mar00 p3
osteopenia May00 p7
osteoporosis. see bone health
ovarian cancer

birth control pills Dec98 p7
BRCA gene Apr03 p7
causes Jun98 p2
cysts as risk factor Apr00 p4
early symptoms Dec00 p4
hormone replacement therapy as risk factor Nov99 p8
HRT as risk factor Apr01 p1
milk as risk factor Aug99 p4
prevention program Jun98 p1
progesterone Dec01 p3
risk factors Jun8 p8

ovarian cysts

diagnosis Jun98 p2
ovarian cancer risk Apr00 p4
PCOS Jul99 p2–3
pregnancy after May02 p7
progesterone deficiency Sep98 p2
removal alternatives May00 p7
treatment success Mar02 p7

ovarian function Oct99 p5

after tubal ligation May99 p7

ovaries Jun98 p1

body processes Sep98 p1
failure due to stress Mar99 p5
interruption as PCOS cause Jul99 p2

oxidation Aug99 p6
oxidative types Nov02 p5
OxyContin Mar01 p2
oxytocin Mar02 p3

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p53 gene Apr03 p7
pain relief Jun00 p2; Nov01 p5–6
pain relievers

cautions Mar01 p1–2
celecoxib (cautions) Sep99 p4
insomnia cause Jan00 p2

palpitations Feb01 p7
pancreas May98 p5
pancreatitis Jan02 p3
Pap tests

abnormalities with birth control pills
Jun99 p7
HPV test alternative Oct99 p7
reversion to normal Jul00 p7

parathyroid hormone (PTH) Oct99 p1–2; May03 p7
parents Jun02 p2
Parkinson's disease

catecholamine metabolism Aug99 p5
folic acid Feb02 p4
pesticide connection Jan01 p4

patches (drugs) Feb00 p5. see also transdermal delivery
PBS radio Jun03 p1
PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) Nov00 p3; Dec00 p3
PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

insulin levels Jan03 p4
ovaries Jul99 p2–3
sugar cause Mar99 p6

pentamidineeffect Dec02 p3
peripheral neuropathy Oct99 p7
persistent organic pollutants (POP) Feb03 p4

Advantage (cautions) Oct98 p4
alternatives Oct03 p6
brain damage Mar01 p3
cancer cause Nov99 p4
cancer-causing mechanism Aug99 p6
cautions Sep98 p4
cumulative risk Oct99p4
flea drops Jul01 p7
French atrazine ban Dec01 p4
infertility (male) Feb00 p4
leukemia Nov02 p4
miscarriage Nov02 p3
natural alternatives Jun99 p3; Jul00 p4; Sep00 p 4
nontoxic solutions Mar03 p3
Parkinson's disease connection Jan01 p4
UN prohibitions Jul01 p4
xenohormone contamination Jun99 p3

pet health. see also Advantage

hormone balance Sep03 p5–6

pH Apr99 p3; Nov02 p5–6
phenytoin Dec02 p3
phosphatidylserine (PS) May03 p4
phthalates Jun99 p3; Feb03 p3
physicians. see doctors
phytates May98 p5; Jul00 p6

estrogen receptors Feb03 p7
progesterone cream Jul02 p6
red clover extract Nov02 p4
soy component Dec99 p3
soy foods May99 p5–6

phytohormones May99 p2
placebo effect Jun00 p5
planning Jun03 p3
plaque Mar00 p2; Dec00 p5

food packaging (cautions) Dec98 p4
hormone exposure Jan00 p4
xenohormone source Jun99 p3

Plechner, Alfred J. Sep03 p5–6
PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

estrogen dominance symptom Apr98 p6
and irritable bowel syndrome Jun01 p4
nutrient imbalance May98 p5
progesterone cream study Jul99 p8
progesterone dosage Mar99 p7
teenagers Dec98 p7
Vitex for symptom relief Mar01 p4

poisons. see toxins
politics Mar00 p5–6

brain damage Mar01 p3
memory loss Aug01 p4

progesterone metabolism Feb01 p5
polyphenols Feb02 p3
polyunsaturated oils Jan00 p6
pomegranate seeds Jun98 p6
postpartum period

depression Jul02 p6; Jan03 p5–6
nutrition in Apr03 p5–6
progesterone use Nov99 p7

pot belly Mar03 p7
potassium Apr99 p3; Mar00 p2
PPA (phenylpropanolamine) Nov00 p4; Mar01 p4
preeclampsia Jul01 p4
pregnancy. see also fertility; infertility; miscarriage

aromatherapy (cautions) Oct99 p4
autoimmune remission Oct03 p3
brain function Oct03 p4
breast cancer protection Jan99 p5;
Oct00 p5
environmental illness Aug00 p5
fertility drugs (cautions) Jan00 p4
fibroids Dec02 p4
herbal medicine (cautions) Jan00 p7
hormone balance Nov02 p2–3,8
hypertension Dec02 p4
miscarriage prevention Sep98 p1
multivitamins before Aug00 p4
nutrition in Apr03 p5–6
nutritional support May00 p5
ovarian cancer protection Jun98 p3
after ovarian cysts May02 p7
post-partum progesterone use Jun98 p7
progesterone cream Aug02 p7

pregnenolone Jan03 p7

acceptability of Aug01 p1
heart disease prevention benefits Aug98 p6
replacement regimen Nov00 p5
weaning from Jun03 p7; Jul-Aug03 p7

premature birth Apr03 p1–2
PremPro Jul02 p3,6
prescription drugs

after-market safety reports Jul98 p4
antibiotics Nov01 p1–3
approval process Oct00 p8; Apr02 p5
blood sugar effects Dec02 p3
clinical research Nov00 p8
clinical trials, doctor participation Sep99 p4
dementia risk factor Apr01 p1
dosage variability Aug01 p3, 8
individual reactions May98 p4
insomnia cause Jan00 p2
liver overload Oct00 p8
lung damage Oct00 p4
metabolism Jan02 p5–6
nutrient depletion Jul01 p5–6
painkillers Mar01 p1–2
popularity rank Jun00 p4
prescribing habits Oct98 p4
prices in the U.S. Sep-Oct02 p4
subsidy of Sep00 p1
vision (cautions) Jun99 p6
in water supply Jun00 p4
withdrawal Feb00 p4

Prior, Jerilynn C. Mar99 p5–6
probiotics Mar00 p4; Apr00 p3

application sites Mar02 p7
arterial spasm prevention Aug 98 p5
bias against Apr02 p2–3,6
bioavailability Apr98 p3; Jun98 p4
birth control pills Sep00 p3
blockade by oral contraceptives Oct03 p2
bone density Jan03 p2
brain damage prevention Sep00 p1
brain health Oct98 p5; Jul-Aug03 p2
brain injury recovery Jan01 p4; Jun02 p4
breast cancer Dec01 p3; Aug02 p5–6; Mar03 p8
breast cancer marker Aug02 p5
breast cancer prevention Apr98 p1; Jan01 p2; Jun01 p6
breast cancer rate Jun01 p3, 8
breast cancer surgery timing Apr98 p2
breast health benefits Oct98 p6
breast size Nov02 p7
California labeling Apr02 p7
as cancer treatment Apr00 p6
for cervical dyplasia Jul00 p7
circulation Oct99 p3
complications Jun02 p7
delivery methods Sep00 p2
developmental disabilities Oct00 p7
dosage adjustment May99 p5; Sep03 p3
dosage recommendation (PMS) Mar99 p7
dose regulation Jan01 p3
endometrial cancer reversal Nov98 p4
endometrial health Sep98 p7
endometriosis treatment Jul98 p7
estrogen balance Aug99 p6; Nov99 p3
extraction Apr00 p1, 8
Femara interaction Jul01 p7
fertility restoration Sep00 p2
fibroid treatment Sep03 p7
GERD Feb02 p7
hair growth Dec02 p7
vs. hysterectomy Sep00 p2
infertility Jan00 p4,7
labor Dec01 p3
ligament strength Sep-Oct02 p7
liver function Jul02 p7
Lupron use Apr00 p7
menopause symptom relief Nov98 p7
men's dosage Sep-Oct01 p6
menstrual cycle regulation Feb00 p7
migraines Jun00 p3; Oct03 p7
miscarriage prevention Sep98 p2
mood Feb03 p7
natural production Oct98 p7
oral micronized formulation Jun98 p4
osteoporosis treatment Apr99 p7; Mar01 p7
in other mammals Mar00 p7
ovarian cancer Dec01 p3
overdose Feb00 p6; Jan03 p7
pathways Jun03 p7
PCOS treatment Jul99 p3
physiologic vs. supplemental levels
Feb00 p5–6
from plants Sep00 p5–6
post-menopausal requirements May99 p1
postpartum depression May00 p6
postpartum use Nov99 p7
during pregnancy Dec01 p7
premature birth Apr03 p1–2
preterm labor Dec01 p2–3
vs. progestins May98 p7; Feb00 p1–3; Oct00 p7
prolactin regulation Oct99 p7
prostate cancer Dec01 p3; May03 p7
prostate health Aug98 p7; Jan99 p2–3; Feb02 p2–3 seizure treatment Sep03 p7
side effects Jul02 p6
and statin drugs Nov01 p7
stroke prevention Sep99 p3
supplementation rationale Feb02 p7
synthesis pathway Sep00 p6
tamoxifen use Aug98 p7; May03 p1–2
testing methods Jan00 p7
testosterone conversion Jan99 p3
transdermal delivery Feb01 p7
tubal ligation Apr00 p7
urinary tract infections May00 p2
uterine cancer prevention Jan00 p7
uterine protection Jun01 p5–6; Jan03 p1
vaginal ring Mar02 p7
voice quality May99 p7
while breastfeeding Apr03 p7
vs. wild yam Jun02 p7

progesterone creams

additives (cautions) Jul-Aug03 p7
body levels Jul02 p8
bone health Aug99 p7
content analysis Mar99 p7
delivery effectiveness May03 p2–3
dosages in Nov02 p2
FDA approval Nov98 p5
vs. gel Sep99 p7
insomnia treatment Jan00 p1
Leonetti, Helene interview Nov98 p5
marketing claims Sep99 p7
menstrual cycle irregularity Sep99 p7
nipple soreness Jun99 p7
non-endorsement Jun99 p2
oral contraceptives May03 p7; Oct03 p8
other ingredients in Nov01 p7
phytoestrogens Jul02 p6
pregnancy Aug02 p7
pregnancy maintenance Sep98 p3
progesterone content Sep-Oct02 p7
rashes with antidepressants Jun99 p7
recommended strength Feb00 p6
recovery letter Nov99 p7
uterus protection Jul02 p3,8

progesterone excess Apr99 p2
progesterone receptors

cancer prevention Sep00 p3
estrogen Feb00 p6
herbal binders Sep00 p6
progestins Jun00 p7


arterial spasms Aug98 p2
breast cancer Jun98 p6; Feb00 p1;
Apr00 p5
cholesterol levels Aug98 p7
insomnia May01 p7
vs. progesterone May98 p3; Feb01 p6
progesterone receptors Jun00 p7
skin patch Sep98 p4

prolactin Oct99 p7
Prometrium Jun98 p4; Jan99 p7
Propulsid (cisapride) Sep98 p4; Apr00 p4
propylene glycol Feb01 p7
prostaglandins Jan00 p6; Apr03 p5–6
prostate cancer May03 p7
prostate cancer

chemotherapy and bone loss Dec01 p2
fish oil for protection Jul01 p3, 8
hormone changes Jan99 p2
prevention program Feb02 p3
progesterone receptors Dec01 p3
testosterone levels Nov99 p7
treatment Aug00 p2–3, 8

prostate disease Jan99 p3; Feb02 p1–3,8
prostate gland Aug98 p7
prostate health Jan99 p2–3; Sep-Oct01 p6
protease inhibitors May98 p5
protein Dec02 p3
protein binding Apr98 p3
Provera Aug98 p2
Prozac Jan03 p4; Sep00 p2
PSA (prostate specific antigen) Aug00 p2

breast cancer risk Jan99 p5
early onset Jul00 p6
growth hormone contamination Jun99 p4

public relations Jun99 p1–2
pyrethroids Jan99 p4

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rabbits Mar00 p7
radiation Feb01 p2–3; Dec01 p4
radiation therapy

controversy Jul00 p1–3
lung cancer connection Aug02 p4
questions about Jun00 p8

Raffelock, Dean

liver function Sep99 p5–6
postpartum depression Jan03 p5–6
pregnancy and postpartum nutrition Apr03 p5–6

Raid Sep98 p4
raloxifene (Evista)

bone health Sep99 p1
breast cancer claim disallowed Sep99 p4
breast cancer risk May98 p7
cautions Feb99 p7

Randolph, C.W. Nov00 p 5–6; Jul02 p5–6
rashes Jun00 p4
Rea, William Aug00 p5–6
red blood cells Aug02 p2
red clover extract Nov02 p4
red rice extract Jul98 p1
red wine Oct99 p3; Feb02 p4
referred pain Jan02 p2
reflux. see heartburn
resolutions Jan01 p1
Rezulin Apr00 p4
rheumatoid arthritis May00 p4
rhubarb Jul02 p4
Ritalin Nov00 p4
role models May01 p2; Jun02 p2
Rose, Marc Jun99 p5–6
Rowen, Robert Jay Feb03 p5–6

availability Aug98 p4
fibroid treatment Nov98 p7; Apr01 p7

rumors, about Dr. Lee Oct00 p1–2
Russo, Jose Oct00 p5–6

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saliva hormone testing Jan01 p3, 8

adrenal insufficiency Jul98 p5
advantages of Apr98 p3
breast cancer hormone profile
Aug02 p5–6
California requirements Jul02 p7
hormones, normal range Jan00 p3
Medicare payment Feb03 p7
prostate disease Feb02 p2–3
relative levels Sep03 p2
vs. serum tests Oct99 p8
value of Apr02 p2–3

salmon Mar03 p4
salt water Apr01 p7
SAM-e Nov01 p6
Sanson, Gill Jun02 p5–6
Sardi, Bill Dec02 p5–6
sarsaparilla (Smilax) Jun98 p6
sauerkraut juice May00 p6; Dec00 p2
saw palmetto Feb02 p3
scar tissue Jul99 p7
schizophrenia Apr03 p3
schools Jun02 p1; Sep-Oct02 p4
sciatica Nov01 p7
sea life Mar01 p1
seafood Dec02 p4
seaweed Jun02 p4
secrecy Apr02 p1
sedatives Dec00 p3
seizures Sep03 p7; Oct03 p4

antiviral properties Apr02 p4
arthritis pain relief Nov01 p6
asthma Feb02 p4
colon health Apr00 p3

self-talk Jun00 p6
senility Oct98 p5
SERMs Jun02 p6
serotonin Jan03 p5–6
sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
Feb02 p8
sexual development Jul00 p6
sexual dysfunction (female) Mar00 p5–6
sexual identity Apr00 p5–6
sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Dec98 p2; Sep-Oct01 p4
Shefrin, David K. Oct99 p5–6
shoes Jul01 p3
Siberian ginseng Jun98 p6
side effects

drug dosages Aug01 p3,8
incontinence May00 p3
lung damage Oct00 p4

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) Jan01 p5–6
sinus infections Apr01 p7
skin health

chemical sensitivity Jun00 p4
eczema from Depo-Provera Jul99 p5
environmental illness Aug00 p5
irritation from cosmetics Apr99 p4
menstrual cycle Dec98 p7
rash from progesterone cream Jun99 p7

sledgehammers Dec98 p3
sleep. see also insomnia

cortisol levels Mar03 p6
experts interview Apr00 p5–6
insulin resistance Feb03 p4
natural cycles of Apr00 p5
while traveling Jun03 p3

sleeping pills Jan00 p2
Smallbone, David M.D. May99 p5–6
smallpox Sep-Oct02 p1–3,5–6
smell, sense of Mar00 p4
Smilax (sarsaparilla) Jun98 p6
smoking May02 p2
soap Jan02 p4
soda pop

ban in California schools Jul-Aug03 p1
cautions Aug00 p7
children Jun02 p2

sodium Mar00 p2
sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate Jun99 p4
soluble fibrin monomers Dec00 p5–6
solvents Mar01 p3
somastatin Jan02 p2
soy foods

experts interview Jul00 p5–6
fermentation and digestion May99 p5
fermented products Jul00 p6
health benefits and cautions Dec99 p2–3
and infants Jul00 p5; Aug01 p4
overindulgence (cautions) May98 p5
thyroid hormone blocker Mar99 p3

soy isolates May98 p5
sperm count Jul99 p7 Jun02 p4
spermicides Jul98 p4
sphincter of Oddi Jan02 p2–3
spices May00 p4
spin doctoring Jun99 p1–2; Jul99 p1
spotting Aug01 p7
spring cleaning Mar03 p3
SSRI drugs Jan03 p6
star anise Oct03 p4
statin drugs

cautions Apr98 p4
death rate unchanged from Jan03 p4
nutrient deficiency cause Apr99 p4
nutritional alternatives Apr01 p5
potential breast cancer risk factor Mar99 p4
progesterone metabolism Nov01 p7
riskiness Dec01 p4
side effect profile Jul98 p3

statistical bias Feb00 p3
steroid drugs

bone loss Dec01 p1–2
cholesterol formation Jun01 p2
osteoporosis May00 p4; Nov00 p7
for pets Sep03 p6

steroid hormones Sep03 p2–3
stomach Aug99 p2

adrenal exhaustion Mar03 p2–3
bone health Oct98 p2
breast cancer cause Aug02 p5
cancer cause Apr01 p4
cortisol Mar03 p1,5–6
fat (body) Dec00 p3
headache cause Jun00 p2
hormone response Oct99 p6
hypertension cause Mar00 p3
insulin resistance Dec02 p2–3
liver function Sep99 p5
luteal phase Mar99 p5
magnesium May03 p4
menstrual cycle irregularity Sep-Oct01 p7
ovulation failure Jul99 p3
premature menopause Dec00 p7
self-talk Jun00 p6
uterine fibroids Jun99 p7
while traveling Jun03 p3
women's response Mar02 p4

stress management Jul98 p6

aspirin May02 p2
C-reactive protein Jan03 p4
dietary risk reduction Feb00 p4
estrogen dominance Jul99 p7
homocysteine as risk factor Feb99 p6
hormone balance Feb99 p7
HRT Feb02 p4
mechanism Sep99 p2–3
PPA (phenylpropanolamine) Nov00 p4
prevention strategies Sep99 p3
risk factors Sep99 p2

sucralose May02 p4

body fat May01 p2
brain health Apr01 p2–3; Jul-Aug03 p3
colds and flu Nov02 p4
eye damage Jun99 p5
heart disease cause Jan99 p4
insomnia cause Jan00 p2
metabolism of Dec02 p2
obesity Dec02 p1

sugar substitutes Aug00 p7; May02 p4
sulfur Aug99 p6; Sep99 p5
sunblock Jul02 p4

cancer risk reduction Dec02 p5
vision damage Jun99 p5
vitamin D formation Sep03 p4
supplement programs
environmental illness Aug00 p6
liver health Oct00 p3
osteoporosis Nov00 p7


anesthesia recovery Jun99 p4
breast cancer, timing Apr98 p2; Aug02 p6
menstrual cycle timing Apr99 p5

survivin Apr00 p5
swallowing Aug99 p2
sweating Aug00 p6
sweeteners. see sugar substitutes
Syndrome X Aug98 p2; Dec02 p2

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T cells Feb02 p5–6
Tagamet (cimetidine) Oct00 p8
talcum powder Jun98 p8

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Nov00 p1
breast cancer risk Feb02 p1
breast cancer treatment failure Jul00 p2
cautions May98 p1 ; Mar00 p4
DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) Jul00 p8
European studies Oct98 p5
and HER-2 breast cancer Apr00 p6
plus progesterone Aug98 p7; May03 p1–2

tampons Mar00 p7

breast cancer risk Jan99 p5
nicotine addiction Oct03 p4
oral contraceptive risk Oct03 p2–3
PMS symptoms Dec98 p7

temperature Mar99 p5
temporal arteritis Jun00 p3
temporal/mandibular joints Jun00 p2
tension Jan00 p3; Jun00 p2
terazosin Feb02 p2
test results Dec00 p1–2
testes Aug00 p3
testicular cancer Feb03 p4

breast cancer marker Aug02 p5
dementia treatment Mar01 p7
DHEA levels Feb00 p6
incontinence treatment May00 p2
insulin levels Sep-Oct01 p5
libido Apr98 p7
lichen sclerosus treatment May99 p7
ligament strength Sep-Oct02 p7
prostate cancer Nov99 p7
prostate disease Feb02 p2
prostate health Aug00 p3
stroke prevention Sep99 p8
supplementation Aug01 p5–6
test interpretation Sep-Oct01 p5–6

theophylline Apr98 p4
thymus gland May02 p4
thyroid drugs Dec02 p3
thyroid function

cortisol Mar03 p5–6
drug interactions Apr00 p4
fatigue Mar02 p5
and hormones Nov00 p1–3
suppression by estrogen Jul01 p2

thyroid gland Mar99 p1–3 . see also parathyroid hormone (PTH)
thyroid hormones

conversion metabolism Oct99p 5
genistein influence May98 p6
for pets Sep03 p6
structure and function Nov00 p2
test interpretation Mar01 p5–6

TIA (transient ischemic attack) Sep99 p2
tofu Oct98 p7
tomatoes Mar99 p4

fluoride Feb99 p2
liver function Oct00 p2
vaccine ingredients Nov99 p5
xenobiotics Jun98 p6
xenohormones May99 p1–2

tragedy Sep-Oct01 p1
trans fatty acids

diabetes risk Jun01 p4
health risks Jan00 p5
heart attack risk factor May02 p2–3
prostaglandin formation Apr03 p6

transdermal delivery

effectiveness May03 p2–3
estradiol May03 p8
hormone absorption Apr98 p3
progesterone Feb01 p7
progestin Sep98 p4

transdermal estrogen Feb00 p5
transferrin Aug02 p3
transit time Apr00 p3
travel safety Feb01 p4; Jun03 p3,8
tremors Jul98 p3
trust Apr02 p1
tryptophan Jan03 p5–6
TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) Nov00 p2
tubal ligation

ovarian function Apr99 p7; May99 p7
progesterone Apr00 p7

tuberculosis drugs Dec02 p3
tumors May98 p3; Jun98 p3
Tylenol Jul98 p4
tyrosine Jan00 p2

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ulcers Jun98 p6; Jul98 p3
ultrasound Jan02 p4
umbilical cord May00 p6
United States Aug00 p1–2
urban myths Mar00 p1
urinary urgency May00 p1–3
uterine artery embolization (UAE) Aug01 p4
uterine cancer May98 p2; Jan00 p4
uterine health Apr98 p6

fibroids Sep98 p5; Jun99 p7; Dec99 p4
prolapse Sep-Oct02 p7
protection by progesterone Jun01 p5–6; Jul02 p3,6,8; Jan03 p1
tumors Nov99 p8

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vaccines May01 p5–6

cautions Nov99 p5–6
mercury as preservative Dec99 p4
smallpox Sep-Oct02 p3,5–6

vaginal gel Dec98 p1
vaginal infections Feb99 p6; Mar00 p4
vaginal pain Mar02 p7
vascular headaches Jun00 p2
vascular health Oct98 p6
vegetable oils Jan00 p6
vegetables Jun02 p3,8
vegetarianism Jun02 p2; Dec02 p3
vending machines Jun02 p1; Sep-Oct02 p4
Vietnam veterans Mar99 p4
vinegar Feb99 p6
Vioxx Sep-Oct01 p4
vision Jun99 p5–6
vitamin A Apr00 p3
vitamin B2 Sep99 p6
vitamin B5 Nov01 p6
vitamin B6

depletion by birth control pills Jul01 p5; Oct03 p3
homocysteine metabolism Mar02 p2
liver function Sep99 p6

vitamin B12

fatigue relief May00 p6
homocysteine metabolism Mar02 p2
oral vs. injections Jan99 p4

vitamin B complex

brain health Apr01 p3
deficiency from medications Apr99 p4
homocysteine reduction Feb99 p6

vitamin C

adrenal support Jul98 p6
Alzheimer's risk Feb03 p4
arthritis pain relief Nov01 p6
cholesterol reduction Jul98 p3
colon health Apr00 p3
iron absorption Feb00 p7; Aug02 p3
longevity benefits Jun01 p4
metabolic effects Nov02 p6
preeclampsia prevention Jul01 p4

vitamin D

deficiency and cancer Dec02 p5
intake recommendation Dec02 p6
overview Dec02 p5–6
sunlight Sep03 p4
xylitol May02 p6

vitamin E

Alzheimer's risk Feb03 p4
arthritis pain relief Nov01 p6
brain health Apr01 p3
breast cancer apoptosis Jun99 p4
cholesterol reduction Jul98 p3
colon health Apr00 p3
health benefits Nov99 p1
statin effect on blood levels Apr98 p4

vitamin K May99 p4
vitamin deficiency Aug00 p6
vitamins Jul98 p6; Aug00 p4

hormone balance Jun98 p5
PMS symptom relief Mar01 p4
progesterone benefit Sep00 p6

voice quality May99 p7
vomiting Jun00 p3

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warfarin (Coumadin) Apr01 p4; May02 p2
Wastchak, David Ph.D. Jan02 p3
water Jul99 p4; Jun03 p3
water bottles Jul99 p4
water filtration Feb99 p3
water quality

fluoridation Feb99 p1–5
pesticide content Oct99p4
prescription drugs Jun00 p4

watermelon Jul02 p4
weakness Jul98 p5
weather Nov02 p6
website Sep98 p8
weed killers Nov02 p4
weight control Sep00 p2
weight gain Aug98 p3
weigt loss Dec02 p4
whole foods Nov01 p4
wild yam creams Jun02 p7
wild yam (Dioscorea)

adrenal gland support Jun98 p6
herbal medicine Sep00 p5
progesterone claims debunked Sep00 p5
progesterone source Apr00 p1

Wilson's disease Oct00 p2
Wilson's syndrome Mar02 p5
wine Oct99 p3
Women's Health Initiative (WHI)

Alzheimer's Jul-Aug03 p1–2
breast cancer risk Nov02 p1
hormone replacement therapy study
Jul02 p1,2
study results Aug02 p6
summary Jan03 p1

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breast cancer cause Jun98 p6
infertility cause Sep98 p2
pesticides Sep98 p4
plastic packaging Dec98 p4


environmental sources May99 p3
estrogen receptors Feb03 p7
examples Jun99 p3
female fetus development Jul99 p2
fetal damage Nov02 p2
fetal PCB exposure Dec00 p3
health effects May99 p1–2
pesticides Jul00 p4
spermicides Jul98 p4


bone density May02 p5–6
dental health May02 p1–2
gum health Apr01 p7
sources Jun02 p7

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yeast infections Mar00 p4; Apr01 p4 Z
Zava, David T.

breast cancer in saliva hormone level testing Aug02 p5–6
cortisol, and thyroid Mar03 p5–6
interview Jan99 p5–6

zeaxanthin Jun99 p6

absorption May98 p5; Aug02 p3
arthritis pain relief Nov01 p6
BPH treatment Feb02 p3
colon health Apr00 p3
depletion by birth control pills Jul01 p6
and melatonin Dec01 p6
sense of smell Mar00 p4

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